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A Look Back on Front Porch Art

We’ve loved every minute of Front Porch Art. Getting to work with artists and provide great art for all of you has been a joy. So it’s with a really heavy heart that we’ve decided to close up this little online shop. Why? Well, a few reasons.

Most of all, the price point we’re comfortable selling at isn’t sustainable for us truly growing a business. Other online art shops sell work at much higher prices than our target market is looking for. We felt (and still feel) that they should be served as much as anyone else, but for now, we aren’t the ones to do it.

We also firmly believe that the artists deserve the majority share of any sale. In the last year and a half of working on this, we’ve learned that these beliefs mean we simply can’t do much more than break even on our expenses in most months. Which means there aren’t enough profits to invest back in the business and grow like the artists deserve.
I believe that when you have an idea and a solution for people who are asking for it, run with it. I don’t want to ever be the person who looks back on their life to realize they spent more time thinking about an idea than taking action on it. So if you’ve been kicking around an idea (and I’m sure you have), just say yes to it and give it a shot. Learn as you go and make sure you’re always helping others out and good things will come to you. Even if you end up needing to move on to other things.

I’m going to miss working with all of you and being around all this great artwork all the time. But instead of talking about the sad stuff, let’s dwell on the really cool things that happened with Front Porch Art, shall we?

Sharing Dorothy Collier’s selection for the Martha Stewart American Made Competition with StyleBlueprint Memphis readers.

The opportunity to give a little shout out to some of my favorite small businesses, makers, and artists during the FACES of Memphis photo shoot. StyleBlueprint Memphis, you rock!

Seeing Front Porch Art on the front page of the Memphis Daily News… and running out of quarters trying to buy tons of copies. Thanks Andy!

Sending out about a dozen checks to our artists after a $1,000 night at the Fall Broad Avenue Art Walk.

Writing more checks again last spring… Broad Avenue is where it’s at this days!

Peeking into the artists’ studios and sharing a behind-the-scenes look with art lovers.

Shipping art all over the country… and even all the way to Japan!

The day our Kickstarter campaign for Rebecca Phillips was fully funded and making prints of her Memphis Type series became a reality.

Having the unbelievable opportunity to work on a book with Rebecca featuring her paintings of Memphis signs… (It comes out later this year so stay updated on it by clicking here).

This customer’s happiness at winning a giveaway of Billy Moore’s folk art.

Creating postcards of artwork by Billy Moore, Dorothy Collier, and Rebecca Phillips for a featured spot in Batch Memphis’ April subscription box.

This has been a really great ride. I hope we can stay in touch! You should definitely sign up for email updates from Memphis Type History because the book is really going to be awesome. Even the cover is a work of art.

Thanks again for everything y’all! Stay in touch with our artists via the links below. And you can always reach me at!

Cindy P. Aune • //

Liz Browne •

Tara Browning • Twisted Square Art

Dorothy Collier • //

Lacey Craig •

Frank Estrada • //

Jen Gurley •

Tracy Holdeman •

Billy Moore •

Rebecca Phillips •

Gabe Romero •

John Sperry •

David F. Willis •